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Partner With Us


We consider our partner relationships one of the most important parts of our core investment business and we also take it as a great compliment.

Our partners all say our in-depth education program provides their clients with the information and tools to make investing in property a successful lifelong journey.

We spend hours, and in some cases days, with our clients to totally understand their needs and develop a successful strategy for their situation and no 2 clients are the same and we treat them that way.

Whether clients want cash flow positive property or whether they are creating long-term wealth strategies or even negative gearing a property for paying down bad debt using good debt, every client is different and they need to be managed that way…..that is why our partners send us clients, because they know we not only do a good job but always leave their clients in a far better place financially and full of handy skills.

We partner with Tax Accountants, Financial Advisers, Lawyers and Real Estate Agents to create the right financial investing strategy and source the correct property to set their clients up for long-term financial success.

We have a very successful partner program that works well for all stakeholders. If you think we offer a potential extension to your business please fill out the details and we will come and meet you and walk through our partner program with you.