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Property Development

Developing a property can be a complicated and daunting experience and very expensive if not done correctly. From understanding the council approvement process to finding and buying the most suitable property to develop, the entire process can be slow and tedious…and in most cases, scary. It is complex and requires an experienced team to help guide you through the minefields.

Our property development team provide a range of Property Development Management services on residential medium density House & Land estates, townhouse complexes, and unit developments across the South East Queensland region.

We can provide a complete ‘turn-key’ development management program that includes our Town Planner, Civil Engineer, Building Designer, Property Lawyer, Surveyor, Environmental Ecologist, Property Lawyer, experienced Builders and our expert Project Marketers. We steer the ship the entire way from planning and designing the project, lodging and managing all applications through to settling the very last property.

Our team assists you throughout the entire process and are confident in making your project a success. We know what to look for when buying, we control the terms of the purchase, we assess the suitability and best use, we manage the product price point and design, we manage the approval process, we control the building and cost management and best of all…. we sell and settle the property for the most profit, all because we were there to get it right from the very first step.

Here are a few of the key property development management services we provide:

We assess your property and provide several key reports that allow you to clearly see the best course of action with regards to developing your property and the potential profits, pitfalls, and timelines.
✔ Property Development Consultancy and Management
✔ Feasibility & Site Analysis
✔ Ascertaining best use on land
✔ Sourcing of Sites
✔ Site acquisition due diligence

Planning & Design
Our team of experts will design and plan the development to make sure you get the very best possible outcome and return on investment as well as creating a product that is highly sort-after in the local marketplace, making selling them a smooth process.
✔ Building Design
✔ Surveying Plans
✔ Cost planning
✔ Time planning

Getting The Development Application & Required Reports
We assist and manage the process of getting the required information, research and reports ready to accompany the required Development Application for the property. We also assist with all conditions that are required in the successful DA application.
✔ Managing the Development Application process on behalf of the property owner
✔ Development, Building and Operational Works Applications
✔ Manage DA Conditions and Amendments
✔ Obtaining Development Funding

Managing Construction
Our experienced construction team will manage the entire construction process to make sure tight timelines are met, the quality is first class and the project is stress-free.
✔ Obtain and engage the Builder
✔ Manage the construction process
✔ Manage and report on budgeting

Making The Development Compliant
Throughout the development, our team will monitor and assess to make sure the development and construction are totally compliant and therefore will have no unnecessary time delays that can impact profits and bottom lines.
✔ Co-ordinating specialist consultants and provide up to date reporting
✔ Titles and Registration management

Selling & Settling The Development
Our experienced Project Marketing team understand the market and know how to get the job done, effectively and quickly. Having worked exclusively in selling only new property we know how to develop the perfect sales structure to sell the development pre, during and post-construction.
✔ Branding
✔ Marketing
✔ Selling
✔ Settling