Selling the properties is probably the most important part of the entire process however it comes on the back of a good marketing and planning strategy.  Our experienced selling team deal only with new projects and our know how provides a shorter, more streamlined selling process.

Sales Teams

We can happily supply onsite Sales Staff as and when required for each project. We have a group of available salesmen and women who are well trained and experienced in selling new property. They are custom trained for your project and are available to sell your project 7 days a week. Some of the services they provide are:

  • Onsite, full time, 7 day a week staffing
  • Full Onsite Inspection
  • Contract & Document management
  • Lead Generation and Follow-up
  • Up To Date Reporting


Project Marketers understand there is a lot more to selling new projects than just the real estate agents normal sales process. Our experienced Project Marketers understand managing valuers and valuations, providing final inspections and the hand over process. Managing the settlement and contract process is just as important as selling the project…the project is not complete until the very last property is sold, titled and settled.

  • Contract Follow Ups
  • Property Registration
  • Valuer Access
  • Buyer Inspections
  • Settlement
  • Hand Over


We can assist setting up the perfect onsite or offsite sales office. From designing the office, construction, financing and even getting the permit to all you to start to get sales before the properties are completed. We guide you through:

  • Sales Office
  • Office Design
  • Finance Options
  • Council Building Permits
  • Installation & Removal

Pre Sales

Many of the projects we have worked on have required pre-sales to activate final development funding.

We have a broad range of retail sales partners who we will happily conjunct with to create a large marketing funnel of potential pre-sales to speed up the construction as well as prove the “worth” or “merit” so to speak of the project. Pre-sales give everyone confidence the project will be a viable and comfortable sell out.

We are happy to work with our developers to create strong marketing strategies to produce quick pre-sales such as Investor Rental Guarantees, Inclusion Upgrades (Fixtures & Fittings), Body Corp or Council Rates rebates/incentives and many more great ways to encourage faster pre-sales and quicker completion timelines however if pre-sales are required then a few extra marketing services must be included such as Lifestyle & Streetscape Renders as well as Interior and Exterior Rendering/Images, Hero Brochures and Marketing Collateral to provide the potential buyer enough information to allow them to confidently purchase the property ‘off the plan’.