Project Marketing

Esteemed Property specialise in new project marketing and property sales.

If you need professional project marketing services, we provide complete turn-key services and can guide you through the entire sales and marketing planning and prcess. If you are a developer or builder we would love to help you. We are experienced and very successful marketers who love to get involved early and provide everything you need for a quick sale.

We have a broad and very strong partner and referrer network who are actively looking for new properties for their clients. Our channel group members include; licensed real estate agents, financial services professionals, lawyers, buyer’s advocates and individuals.


By being involved in the initial development process we can undertake a demand analysis and best use report to work out exactly what type of property will best suit the local market and location.

Designing and Planning
Market Research
Price Point
Comparative Market Analysis
Marketing Planning and Budgeting
Designing and Planning
Market Research
Price Point
Comparative Market Analysis
Marketing Planning and Budgeting


Creating a strong brand early in the project will allow potential buyers to identify with the project and potentially see the lifestyle or investment opportunities the development will offer.

  • Logo Design
  • Website Development and Lead Catchment
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Social Media


Marketing is the foundation of any good selling plan. By broadening the reach of potential buyers will accelerate the selling process.

  • Advertising Booking and Placement
  • Portal Pushing
  • Agent Portal Creation
  • Launch Event
  • Stock List


Selling the properties is probably the most important part of the entire process however it comes on the back of a good marketing and planning strategy. Our experienced selling team deal only with new projects and our know how provides a shorter more streamlined selling process

  • On-Site Sales Team
  • Partner Network Creation
  • EOI and Contract Management
  • Buyer Inspections
  • Conveyancing Liasion


Communication keeps all stakeholders engaged and interested, and in most cases excited about the new development and providing up to date information on all facets of the development will provide a fun and enjoyable buying experience for all new owners

  • Press Releases
  • Partner Network Updates
  • Customer Newsletters
  • Development Updates


Project Marketers understand there is a lot more to selling new projects than just the real estate agents normal sales process. Our experienced Project Marketers understand managing valuers and valuations, providing final inspections and the hand over process. Managing the settlement and contract process is just as important as selling the project…the project is not complete until the very last property is sold, titled and settled.

  • Contract Follow Ups
  • Property Registration
  • Valuer Access
  • Buyer Inspections

Our experience allows us to guide the developer every step of the way depending on their needs, from creating and driving the entire project all the way through to settling the very last property…and everything in between…we even have an in-house broker to help the buyer with their finance needs.