Project Marketing

Esteemed Property specialise in new project marketing and property sales.

We specialise in the sale of medium scale residential land projects, townhouse complexes and small unit developments that require a fast and seamless turn around time to assist with viability and project success. Our experienced team understand the market and know how to get the job done, effectively and quickly. We get involved early in the project and assist with creating a strong brand and potentially successful product type, allowing us to achieve better results than other competing projects.

Having worked exclusively in selling only new property we know how to develop the perfect sales structure to sell the development pre, during and post-construction.

We create open sales channels by working with selling partners and provide a clear and easy flow of updated information to make selling your project a dream.

Our goal is to achieve the maximum return on investment and we know the market and area better than most. We target qualified buyers through extensive research and marketing planning and implementation and our friendly, experienced team provide quality support for all potential buyers.

We provide our developers with market, location and client research, as well as detailed property design and layout analysis. In fact, we drive sales until the very last property is settled and we only take on what we can handle directly so you know your project will be our main focus.