Our Advantages

Whether it is clever branding and identity building, through to perfect price point and sales pipeline management, we do the lot, and we have a few hidden tricks up our sleeve. We understand the importance of great branding that people are attracted to and we know how to position the marketing so that potential buyers are wanting to purchase, from the moment the first sign is put in the ground or new website launched.

We are also able to create high-quality collateral such as Hero Brochures, Lifestyle Images, 3D Renders and Indicative Streetscapes that are enticing to potential buyers. We know the value of great marketing, we know it is the foundation of any successful sales process.

Our advantages include:

  • We know how the development process works because we have done it ourselves
  • We understand the DA process
  • We understand Development Funding and how to position the product to make sourcing it a smoother path.
  • We have access to Development Funding and can assist in getting the project out of the ground.
  • We understand the Margin Tax Scheme
  • We are experienced in selling new property pre, during and post construction.
  • We understand the new property buying process.
  • We understand buyer OTP Finance.
  • We develop and manage all sales contracts.
  • We know when to activate each stage of the sales and marketing plan so there is no lost time (and money).
  • We know how to create and manage tight budgets.
  • We do all our marketing services in-house so we don’t need any external contractors that can hold up the process and create roadblocks.
  • We include most soft costs (our services) in the sales commission and selling costs so your LVR/GRV is not impacting on your funding options.
  • We specialise in only one thing…… new project sales.
  • We value strong long-term relationships with our developers.